Breast cancer stroma influences the migratory behaviour of epithelial malignant cells: the role of secreted hepatocyte growth factor

Cristiana Angelucci, Giuseppe Maulucci, Anna Colabianchi, Fortunata Iacopino, Alessandro Maiorana, Valentina Palmieri, Marco De Spirito, Alba Di Leone & Riccardo Masetti
In breast tumor, interactions occurring between malignant cells and stromal microenvironment heavily influence various aspects of cancer biology. We recently reported that this cross-talk affects structural and functional features correlated with the invasive phenotype of breast cancer cells by co-culturing mammary cancer cells exhibiting different degrees of metastatic potential (MDA-MB-231>MCF-7) with fibroblasts, particularly those isolated from breast tumor stroma (cancer-associated fibroblasts, CAFs). In the present study, we aimed to elucidate some aspects of the epithelium-stroma...
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