Pro-calcific responses by aortic valve interstitial cells in a novel in vitro model simulating dystrophic calcification

Fulvia Ortolani, Luca Rigonat, Antonella Bonetti, Magali Contin, Franco Tubaro, Marcello Rattazzi & Maurizio Marchini
Etiopathogenetic mechanisms in calcific aortic valve stenosis are still poorly understood despite this being the third major cause of heart disease in western world. In prior in vitro cultures simulating metastatic calcification, pro­calcific effects on aortic valve interstitial cells (AVICs) resulted by adding bacterial endotoxin lipopolysaccharide (LPS) at high inorganic phosphate (Pi) levels. Here we accomplished improved in vitro models simulating either metastatic (Pi = 2.6 mM) or dystrophic calcification (Pi = 1.3 mM), in...
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