Use of chitosan scaffolds for repairing rat sciatic nerve defects

Maria J. Simões, Sandra Amado, Andrea Gärtner, Paulo A.S. Armada-Da-Silva, Stefania Raimondo, Marcia Vieira, Ana L. Luís, Yuki Shirosaki, António P. Veloso, José D. Santos, Artur S.P. Varejão, Stefano Geuna & Ana C. Maurício
Neurotmesis must be surgically treated by direct end-to-end suture of the two nerve stumps or by a nerve graft harvested from elsewhere in the body in case of tissue loss. To avoid secondary damage due to harvesting of the nerve graft, a tube-guide can be used to bridge the nerve gap. Previously, our group developed and tested hybrid chitosan membranes for peripheral nerve tubulization and showed that freeze-dried chitosan type III membranes were particularly effective...
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