A first glance on the epigenome of Capra hircus

Stefano Frattini, Emanuele Capra, Barbara Lazzari, Beatrice Coizet, Debora Groppetti, Pietro Riccaboni, Alessandro Maria Pecile, Silvana Arrighi, Stefania Chessa, Bianca Castiglioni, Alessia Giordano, Davide Pravettoni, Andrea Talenti, Letizia Nicoloso, John Williams, Paola Crepaldi, Alessandra Stella & Giulio Pagnacco
DNA methylation and microRNAs (miRNA) are two important forms of epigenetic modifications that play an important role in gene regulation in animals. Methylation at the carbon 5 position of cytosine residues is a fundamental layer of cellular differentiation through the control of transcriptional potential. MiRNA are small noncoding RNA molecules that regulate gene expression. Complete DNA methylomes for several organisms are now available; at the present, methylome of the domestic goat is unexplored. There is...
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