Quadriceps Weakness and the Risk of Knee Cartilage Loss on Magnetic Resonance Imaging in a Population-Based Cohort with Knee Pain

Carson Chin, E. C. Sayre, Ali Guermazi, Savvas Nicolaou, John M. Esdaile, Jacek Kopeć, Anona Thorne, Joel Singer, Hubert Wong & Cibere, Jolanda, 1962-
Objective. To determine whether baseline quadriceps weakness predicts cartilage loss on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Methods. Subjects aged 40-79 with knee pain (n=163) were recruited from a random population sample and examined for quadriceps weakness with manual isometric strength testing, using a 3-point scoring system (0=poor resistance, 1=moderate resistance, 2=full resistance), which was dichotomized as normal (grade 2) vs weak (grade 0/1). MRI of the more symptomatic knee was obtained at baseline and at mean...
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