Recent Crown Thinning in a Boreal Black Spruce Forest Does Not Reduce Spread Rate nor Total Fuel Consumption: Results from an Experimental Crown Fire in Alberta, Canada

Dan K. Thompson, Dave Schroeder, Sophie L. Wilkinson, Quinn Barber, Greg Baxter, Hilary Cameron, Rex Hsieh, Ginny Marshall, Brett Moore, Razim Refai, Chris Rodell, Tom Schiks, Gregory J. Verkaik & Jessica Zerb
A 3.6 ha experimental fire was conducted in a black spruce peatland forest that had undergone thinning the year prior. After 50 m of spread in a natural stand at 35–60 m min−1, the crown fire (43,000 kW m−1 intensity using Byram’s method) encountered the 50% stem removal treatment; spread rates in the treatment were 50–60 m min⁻¹. Fuel consumption in the control (2.75 kg m⁻²) was comparable to the treatment (2.35 kg m−2). Proxy...
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