The Morphoregulatory Role of Thidiazuron: Metabolomics-Guided Hypothesis Generation for Mechanisms of Activity

Lauren Alexandra Elizabeth Erland, Ryland T. Giebelhaus, Jerrin M. R. Victor, Susan J. Murch & Saxena K. Praveen
Thidiazuron (TDZ) is a diphenylurea synthetic herbicide and plant growth regulator used to defoliate cotton crops and to induce regeneration of recalcitrant species in plant tissue culture. In vitro cultures of African violet thin petiole sections are an ideal model system for studies of TDZ-induced morphogenesis. TDZ induces de novo shoot organogenesis at low concentrations and somatic embryogenesis at higher concentrations of exposure. We used an untargeted metabolomics approach to identify metabolites in control and...
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