Synthesis and Reactions of Benzannulated Spiroaminals; Tetrahydrospirobiquinolines

Henry Rzepa
A efficient two-step synthesis of symmetrical and unsymmetrical tetrahydrospiro-biquinolines from o-azidobenzaldehydes is reported. The previously unreported series of tetrahydrospiro-biquinolines wer accessed through sequential double aldol condensation with acetone, cyclopentanone and cyclohexanone to the corresponding o,oâ-diazido-dibenzylidene-acetone, -cyclopentanone and -cyclohexanone derivatives and hydrogenation-spirocyclization. Further elaboration of the spiro-diamines was demonstrated by electrophilic aromatic bromination, Suzuki coupling and N-alkylation, which all proceeded with preservation of the spirocyclic core.
1 citation reported since publication in 2017.
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