MAGIC (Magma Iceland)

Philippe Jousset, Gylfi P. Hersir, Charlotte Krawczyk, Christopher Wollin, Martin Lipus, Thomas Reinsch, Marius Isken & Sebastian Heimann
In January 2020, a swarm of earthquakes started under Thorbjorn volcano, Reykjanes, SW Iceland, associated to the uplift of up to 0.5 cm per day. Concern in Iceland was growing and the Iceland Meteorological Office suggested at that time that possibly magma intruded in the crust at shallow depth (3 to 9 km). The ruption occured on 19.03.2021. The GFZ started a seismological Hazard and Risk Team (HART), as soon as February 2020 in cooperation...
1 citation reported since publication in 2020.
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