One year of seismic records of an array installed on a taiwanese ridge

Arnaud Burtin, Kristen Cook, Wei-An Chao, Jui-Ming Chang, Marc Odin, Patrick Meunier, Claire Rault, Jens Turowski, Yin-Min Wu, Niels Hovius & Tz-Shin Lai
A line of 6 broadband seismometers have been deployed across a ridge in the Hualien County (Eastern Taiwan). From March 2015 to June 2016 the network has been continuously recording waves incoming from the Taiwanese regional seismicity. During that period, more than 2000 earthquakes with magnitudes Ml>3 and distant from less than 200km were recorded. The hill is well approximated by a triangular topography of 3600m in length by 900m in height. Waveform data are...
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