Multi-scale imaging of the Main Pamir Thrust faults within the framework of CaTeNA project – Climatic and Tectonic Natural Hazards in Central Asia

Xiaohui Yuan, Bernd Schurr, Christian Haberland, Ulan Abdybachaev & Azamat Sharshebaev
We propose to investigate the structure and evolution of the Main Pamir Thrust (MPT) with a high-density seismological array. The MPT, with its surface expression along the east-west trending Alai Valley, marks the northern boundary of the Pamir. The Alai Valley, separating the Pamir and the Tien Shan, constitutes the last vestige of a formerly continuous basin that linked the Tarim and the Tajik Basins. The MPT manifests itself as a place of high seismic...
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