1 year seismological experiment at Strokkur in 2017/18

E.P.S. Eibl, T. Walter, P. Jousset, T. Dahm, M. Allahbakhshi, D. Müller & G. P. Hersir
Strokkur_1yr is a one year seismological experiment realized at the most active geyser on Iceland by Eva Eibl (University of Potsdam) in collaboration with Thomas R. Walter, Phillippe Jousset, Torsten Dahm, Masoud Allahbakhshi, Daniel Müller from GFZ Potsdam and Gylfi P. Hersir from ISOR Iceland. The geyser is part of the Haukadalur geothermal area in south Iceland, which contains numerous geothermal anomalies, hot springs, and basins (Walter et al., 2018). Strokkur is a pool geyser...
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