Pollino Seismic Experiment (2012-2014)

Luigi Passarelli, Dirk Roessler, Govoni Aladino, Francesco Maccaferri, Milena Moretti, Francesco Pio Lucente, Thomas Braun, Pasquale De Gori, Lucia Margheriti, Heiko Woith, Hainzl Sebastian, Rivalta Eleonora & Torsten Dahm
The temporary Pollino Seismic Experiment, FDSN network code 4A, monitored the earthquake swarm in the Pollino Range region, Italy, between November 2012 and September 2014. The region is located at the transition from the Southern Apennines chain to the Calabrian arc. Striking a volume of about 20x20x15 km, the swarm started in October 2010, culminated in an Mw=5.2 event on 25 October 2012, and has continued since with a variable rate of activity. The area...
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