1 week seismological huddle test using 5 rotational sensors and 3 seismometers in August 2019

Eva P.S. Eibl, Stefanie Donner, Felix Bernauer, Gizem Izgi, Daniel Vollmer, Matthias Ohrnberger, Klaus Stammler, Mathias Hoffmann, Joachim Wassermann & Heiner Igel
We provide seismological data from a huddle test in Fürstenfeldbruck in August 2019 that was realized by University of Potsdam (PI: Eva Eibl) in collaboration with BGR (PI: Stefanie Donner) and LMU (PI: Felix Bernauer). 5 rotational sensors (blueSeis-3A) and 3 seismometers (Trillium Horizon 120s Nanometrics) were installed on a decoupled basement in a building of the Geophysical Observatory Fürstenfeldbruck. The seismometers were isolated with black foam rubber and white cotton. We recorded passive seismological...
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