Pseudosteppes and related grassland vegetationin the Pamir-Alai and western Tian Shan Mts –the borderland of the Irano-Turanian and Euro-Siberian regions

Sebastian Świerszcz, Marcin Nobis, Grzegorz Swacha, Zygmunt Kącki, Iwona Dembicz, Krystyna Waindzoch, Sylwia Nowak & Arkadiusz Nowak
The aim of our study was to complete the syntaxonomical scheme for grassland vegetation of the lowland, montane and alpine zones in the Pamir-Alai and western Tian Shan Mts in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan with some remarks on its environmental predictors. A total of 198 relevés were sampled in 2013–2018 using the seven-degree cover-abundance scale of the Braun-Blanquet approach. They were classified with k-means algorithmwith tranforming cover values to three level scale of the following intervals0%,...
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