A tunable CW UV laser with <35kHz absolute frequency instability for precision spectroscopy of Sr Rydberg states: supporting data

Elizabeth M. Bridge, Niamh C. Keegan, Alistair D. Bounds, Danielle Boddy, Daniel P. Sadler & Matthew P. A. Jones
We present a solid-state laser system that generates over 200 mW of continuous-wave, narrowband light, tunable from 316.3 nm - 317.7 nm and 318.0 nm - 319.3 nm. The laser is based on commercially available fiber amplifiers and optical frequency doubling technology, along with sum frequency generation in a periodically poled stoichiometric lithium tantalate crystal. The laser frequency is stabilized to an atomic-referenced high finesse optical transfer cavity. Using a GPS-referenced optical frequency comb we...
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