Furosemide - isonicotinamide cocrystals: An investigation of properties and structural disorder

Hannah E. Kerr, Lorna Softley, Kuthuru Suresh, Ashwini Nangia, Paul Hodgkinson & Ivana Radosavljevic Evans
Abstract from article: Furosemide is a loop diuretic drug marketed in solid form which suffers from low solubility and low permeability. The pharmaceutically relevant properties of a recently described furosemide-isonicotinamide 2:1 cocrystal (2FS-INA) were investigated and compared with those of other known furosemide cocrystals. The intrinsic dissolution rate of 2FS-INA was found to be 1.27 times that of the commercial FS, while the equilibrium solubility of 2FS-INA is 5.6 times higher than that of pure...
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