Urmas Kõljalg, Kessy Abarenkov, R. Henrik Nilsson, Karl-Henrik Larsson, T. Takkis, A. Matheisen, Artur Alves, Joseph F. Ammirati, A. Elizabeth Arnold, Mohammad Bahram, A. Kruse, Matti Häkkilä, N.A. Sekretareva, Jüri Kõiv, Savi, Bálint Dima, Rein Drenkhan, Agate Mäekalla, Margarita Dueñas, Ursula Eberhardt, L.S. Blagodatskikh, Tobias G. Frøslev, E. Puhang, S. Ots, Masoomeh Ghobad-Nejhad … & Sirje Kalatšjan
UNITE provides a unified way for delimiting, identifying, communicating, and working with DNA-based Species Hypotheses (SH). All fungal ITS sequences in the international nucleotide sequence databases are clustered to approximately the species level by applying a set of dynamic distance values (<0.5 - 3.0%). All species hypotheses are given a unique, stable name in the form of a DOI, and their taxonomic and ecological annotations are verified through distributed, web-based third-party annotation efforts. SHs are...
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