Supplementary data to the article \"The impact of climate change and eutrophication on phosphorus forms in sediment: Results from a long-term lake mesocosm experiment\"

Katrin Saar, Peeter Nõges, Martin Søndergaard, Maria Jensen, Charlotte Jørgensen, Kasper Reitzel, Erik Jeppesen, Torben L. Lauridsen & Henning S. Jensen
The supplementary material contains 7 tables and 2 figures.Katrin Saar study visit to SDU was supported by ESF DoRa Programme Activity 6 and SA Archimedes and by Centre for Lake Restoration, a Villum Centre of Excellence. Data analysis for the present paper was supported by the European Union H2020 WIDESPREAD grant 951963 (TREICLAKE) and by the Estonian Science Foundation grant PRG1167. Erik Jeppesen was supported by the TÜBITAK program BIDEB2232 (project 118C250), and Erik Jeppesen,...
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