Supplementary data to the article \"Nitrate as a predictor of cyanobacteria biomass in eutrophic lakes in a climate change context\"

Fabien Cremona, Burak Öglü, Mark J. McCarthy, Silvia E. Newell., Peeter Nõges & Tiina Nõges
Supplementary material: empirical model terms for the biomass of cyanobacteria (VO_Bcyan) and nitrate concentration (VO_NO3) in Lake Võrtsjärv, using measured nitrate concentration of tributaries Väike Emajõgi (oVema_), Tänassilma (oTana_), Õhne (oOhne_) and Tarvastu (oTarv_). This research was supported by Estonian Research Council grants PSG32, PRG709, and PRG1167, by the European Regional Development Fund through EstonianUniversity of Life Sciences ASTRA project “Valuechain based bio-economy”, by the European Union H2020 WIDESPREAD grant 951963 (TREICLAKE) and by the...
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