Study of Tensile Response of Kapton and Mylar Strips to AR and CO2 Mixtures for the BteV Straw Tube Detector

E.Basile, F., Bellucci, M.Bertani, S.Bianco, M.A.Caponero, F.DiFalco, F.L.Fabbri, F.Felli, M.Giardoni, A., La, Monaca, G.Mensitieri, B.Ortenzi, M.Pallotta, A.Paolozzi, L.Passamonti, D.Pierluigi, A.Russo & S.Tomassin
Gas mixtures are known to affect mechanical properties of plastic materials of interest in HEP gas detectors. We have studied tensile properties of several materials for use in the straw tube detector of experiment BteV at the Fermilab Tevatron. A straw tube is a complex structure made up of two different layers of polymeric material with aluminium deposition and glue, therefore we have decoupled all these elements to better understand gas effect on each one....
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