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A dataset containing 166 species occurrences available in GBIF matching the query: TaxonKey: Fluviphylax Whitley, 1965 or Pantanodon Myers, 1955 or Procatopus Boulenger, 1904 or Plataplochilus Ahl, 1928 or Hylopanchax Poll & Lambert, 1965 or Lacustricola Myers, 1924 or Micropanchax Myers, 1924 or Hypsopanchax Myers, 1924 or Aplocheilichthys Bleeker, 1863 or Poropanchax Clausen, 1967 or Rhexipanchax InstitutionCode: ZMUC. The dataset includes 166 records from 1 constituent datasets: 166 records from The Fish Collection.
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