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A dataset containing 683 species occurrences available in GBIF matching the query: Geometry: POLYGON((-128.056640625 45.792041190244134,-115.22460937499999 47.24344016870694,-112.23632812500001 37.11827785826465,-112.23632812500001 33.24052484024297,-113.994140625 31.458656338129416,-123.134765625 31.158288264783465,-128.056640625 45.792041190244134)) HasCoordinate: true TaxonKey: Cupressus goveniana Gordon HasGeospatialIssue: false. The dataset includes 683 records from 15 constituent datasets: 1 records from Australia's Virtual Herbarium. 531 records from Consortium of California Herbaria. 44 records from iNaturalist Research-grade Observations. 4 records from Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Living Plant Collections (E). 1 records from NMNH Extant Specimen Records....
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