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A dataset containing 81 species occurrences available in GBIF matching the query: Geometry: POLYGON((-88.2421875 -1.616964237115937,-58.71093749999999 28.736844870780047,-41.835937500000014 54.44960719906916,-103.0078125 56.05241280311927,-145.8984375 45.43547248455184,-148.7109375 28.11850834190635,-88.2421875 -1.616964237115937)) HasCoordinate: true TaxonKey: Fraxinus berlandieriana DC. HasGeospatialIssue: false. The dataset includes 81 records from 14 constituent datasets: 1 records from UTEP Plants (Arctos). 16 records from Catálogo electrónico de especímenes depositados en el Herbario de la Universidad de Texas en Austin, Fase IV. 1 records from DBG Kathryn Kalmbach Herbarium. 6 records from iNaturalist...
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