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A dataset containing 1281 species occurrences available in GBIF matching the query: { "and" : [ "Geometry POLYGON((-96.81736 17.03465,-96.7741 16.86024,-96.77135 16.86024,-96.74389 16.85474,-96.63677 16.82659,-96.64021 17.03602,-96.81736 17.03465))", "HasCoordinate is true", "TaxonKey is Plantae", "HasGeospatialIssue is false" ] } The dataset includes 1281 records from 65 constituent datasets: 3 records from Computarización de la Colección de plantas acuáticas mexicanas del Herbario Nacional (MEXU), 3a Etapa. 26 records from Bioversity Collecting Mission Database. 2 records from EURISCO, The European...
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