Terrestrial and limnic invertebrates systematic collection, NTNU University Museum

Karstein Hårsaker, Aina Mærk Aspaas, Dag Dolmen, Torbjørn Ekrem, , Elisabeth Stur, & Kaare Aagaard
The terrestrial and liminic invertebrates systematic collection at the NTNU University Museum dates back to activities initiated by Bishop Johan Ernst Gunnerus in the 1760's and objects from Bjarne Lysholm’s collection of Coleoptera from around 1880-1939. The bulk of the collection dates from the 1960's and up to today and includes the Lepidoptera collection of Carl Fredrik Lühr and Runar Krogen, the Coleoptera collections of Karl Erik Zachariassen and Dagfinn Refseth. A recent acquisition of...
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