Biomechanical evaluation of location and mode of failure in three screw fixations for a comminuted transforaminal sacral fracture model

Brett D. Crist, Ferris M. Pfeiffer, Michael S. Khazzam, Rebecca A. Kueny, Gregory J. Della Rocca & William L. Carson
Background: Pelvic ringecomminuted transforaminal sacral fracture injuries are rotationally and vertically unstable and have a high rate of failure. Objective: Our study purpose was to use three-dimensional (3D) optical tracking to detect onset location of boneeimplant interface failure and measure the distances and angles between screws and line of applied force for correlation to strength of pelvic fracture fixation techniques. Methods: 3D relative motion across sacralerami fractures and screws relative to bone was measured with...
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