3DScapeCS : application of three dimensional, parallel, dynamic network visualization in Cytoscape

Qi Wang, Biao Tang, Lifu Song, Biao Ren, Qun Liang, Feng Xie, Ying Zhuo, Xueting Liu & Lixin Zhang
Background: The exponential growth of gigantic biological data from various sources, such as protein-protein interaction (PPI), genome sequences scaffolding, Mass spectrometry (MS) molecular networking and metabolic flux, demands an efficient way for better visualization and interpretation beyond the conventional, two-dimensional visualization tools.Results: We developed a 3D Cytoscape Client/Server (3DScapeCS) plugin, which adopted Cytoscape in interpreting different types of data, and UbiGraph for three-dimensional visualization. The extra dimension is useful in accommodating, visualizing, and distinguishing large-scale...
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