Integrated circuit with memristor emulator array and neuron circuits for biologically inspired neuromorphic pattern recognition

Rajeev Ranjan, Pablo Mendoza Ponce, Wolf Lukas Hellweg, Alexandros Kyrmanidis, Lait Abu Saleh, Dietmar Schroeder & Wolfgang H. Krautschneider
This paper details an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) with an array of switched-resistor-based memristors (resistor with memory) and integrate & fire (I & F) neuron circuits for the development of memristor-based pattern recognition. Since real memristors are not commercially available, a compact memristor emulator is needed for device study. The designed ASIC has five memristor emulators with one having a conductance range from 4.88ns to 4.99μs (200kOhm) to 204.8MOhm)) and other four having conductance ranging...
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