Thy-1 deficiency augments bone loss in obesity by affecting bone formation and resorption

Ann-Kristin Picke, Graeme Michael Campbell, Felix N. Schmidt, Björn Busse, Martina Rauner, Jan C. Simon, Ulf Anderegg, Lorenz C. Hofbauer & Anja Saalbach
Healthy bone remodeling results from a balanced bone formation and bone resorption realized by bone-forming osteoblasts and bone-resorbing osteoclasts, respectively. Recently, Thy-1 (CD90) was identified as positive regulator of osteoblast differentiation and activation, thus, promoting bone formation while concurrently inhibiting adipogenesis and obesity in mice. Additionally, Thy-1 did not affect bone resorption. An obesity-related co-morbidity that is increasing in prevalence is a disturbed bone formation resulting in an increased fracture risk. The underlying mechanisms of...
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