In situ high-energy X-ray diffraction during hot-forming of a multiphase TiAl alloy

Andreas Stark, Marcus Willi Rackel, Aristide Tchouaha Tankoua, Michael Oehring, Norbert Schell, Lars Lottermoser, Andreas Schreyer & Florian Pyczak
Intermetallic γ-TiAl based alloys exhibit excellent high-temperature strength combined with low density. This makes them ideal candidates for replacing the twice as dense Ni base super-alloys, currently used in the medium temperature range (~700 °C) of industrial and aviation gas turbines. An important step towards the serial production of TiAl parts is the development of suitable hot-forming processes. Thermo-mechanical treatments often result in mechanical anisotropy due to the formation of crystallographic textures. However, with conventional...
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