Reversibility of asymmetric catalyzed C-C bond formation by benzoylformate decarboxylase

Marco Berheide, Selin Kara & Andreas Liese
Benzoylformate decarboxylase (BFD) from Pseudomonas putida catalyzed the formation of 2-hydroxy-1-phenylpropanone (2-HPP), a 2-hydroxy ketone, from the kinetic resolution of rac-benzoin in the presence of acetaldehyde. The formation rate of 2-HPP via kinetic resolution of benzoin was 700-fold lower compared to the formation via direct carboligation of benzaldehyde and acetaldehyde. Further investigations revealed that BFD not only accepts (R)-benzoin but also 2-HPP as the substrate. A typical Michaelis–Menten type kinetics was observed starting from enantiopure...
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