Nanoindentation-based study of the mechanical behavior of bulk supercrystalline ceramic-organic nanocomposites

Büsra Bor, Diletta Giuntini, Berta Domènech Garcia, Michael V. Swain & Gerold A. Schneider
Bulk poly-supercrystalline ceramic-organic nanocomposites were produced and characterized with a nanoindentation-based study. These nanocomposites were processed using two different routines, to compare their properties with and without crosslinking the organic ligands interfacing the ceramic nanoparticles. Together with the expected material strengthening induced by crosslinking, a distinct response emerges when using Berkovich and cube-corner indenters. The supercrystalline materials are prone to compaction, cracking and chipping phenomena that become more severe when a sharper tip is employed,...
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