Antimony mining from PET bottles and e-waste plastic fractions

Ayah Alassali, Caterina Picuno, Hanin Samara, Sascha Diedler, Silvia Fiore & Kerstin Kuchta
In this study antimony concentration was analyzed in 30 plastic items (from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and e-waste) directly by X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF) spectroscopy. PET samples were digested in a microwave oven with aqua regia. The plastic components deriving from e-waste followed three parallel routes: 1. microwave digestion using different acids (aqua regia, 18 M H2SO4, 12 M HCl and 6 M HCl); 2. conversion into ash (at 600 °C) and then microwave digestion...
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