Iron oxide-based nanostructured ceramics with tailored magnetic and mechanical properties: Development of mechanically robust, bulk superparamagnetic materials

Diletta Giuntini, Elisa Torresani, Kyle T. Chan, Malte Blankenburg, Lucien Saviot, Büsra Bor, Berta Domènech Garcia, Meir Shachar, Martin Müller, Eugene A. Olevsky, Javier E. Garay & Gerold A. Schneider
Nanostructured iron-oxide based materials with tailored mechanical and magnetic behavior are produced in bulk form. By applying ultra-fast heating routines via spark plasma sintering (SPS) to supercrystalline pellets, materials with an enhanced combination of elastic modulus, hardness and saturation magnetization are achieved. Supercrystallinity-namely the arrangement of the constituent nanoparticles into periodic structures-is achieved through self-assembly of the organically-functionalized iron oxide nanoparticles. The optimization of the following SPS regime allows the control of organics' removal, necking,...
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