AsS2Cl - An arsenic(V) compound? Formation, stability and structure of gaseous AsSCl and AsS2Cl - A combined experimental and theoretical study

E. Milke, R. Köppe & Michael Binnewies
By reaction of solid As4S4 with gaseous Cl2 at a temperature of 410 K gaseous AsSCl and AsS2Cl are formed. Unexpectedly in AsS2Cl the arsenic is not of formal oxidation state +V but +III: the molecular structure of AsS2Cl is arranged as a 1-chloro-dithia-arsirane and comprises an hitherto unknown AsS2 three-membered ring. Thermodynamic data on AsSCl and AsS2Cl are obtained by mass spectrometry (MS). The experimental data are extended and confirmed by ab initio quantum...
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