In situ static and dynamic light scattering and scanning electron microscopy study on the crystallization of the dense zinc imidazolate framework ZIF-zni

Todor Hikov, Christian A. Schröder, Janosch Cravillon, Michael Wiebcke & Klaus Huber
The kinetics and mechanism of crystallization of the dense zinc imidazolate framework with zni topology, from comparatively dilute methanol solutions containing Zn(NO3)·6H2O and imidazole with variation of the zinc-to-imidazole ratio, were followed in situ by time-resolved static and dynamic light scattering. The light scattering data revealed that metastable primary particles of about 100 nm in diameter form rapidly upon mixing the component solutions. After a lag time that is dependent on the imidazole concentration, the...
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