Li self-diffusion in lithium niobate single crystals at low temperatures

Johanna Rahn, Erwin Hüger, Lars Dörrer, Bernhard Ruprecht, Paul Heitjans & Harald Schmidt
Li self-diffusion in Li 2O-deficient LiNbO 3 single crystals is investigated in the temperature range between 423 and 773 K (150-500 °C) by secondary ion mass spectrometry. A thin layer of ion-beam sputtered isotope enriched 6LiNbO 3 was used as a tracer source, which allows one to study pure isotope interdiffusion. The diffusivities can be described by the Arrhenius law with an activation enthalpy of (1.33 ± 0.03) eV, which is in acceptable agreement with...
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