Fast dynamics of H2O in hydrous aluminosilicate glasses studied with quasielastic neutron scattering

Sylvio Indris, Paul Heitjans, Harald Behrens, Reiner Zorn & Bernhard Frick
We studied the dynamics of dissolved water in aluminosilicate glasses with the compositions NaAlSi3O8⋅0.3H2O, NaAlSi3O8⋅1.3H2O and Ca0.5AlSi3O8⋅1.3H2O using quasielastic neutron scattering. As shown by near-infrared spectroscopy on these samples, H2O molecules are the predominant hydrous species in the water-rich glasses whereas OH groups bound to tetrahedrally coordinated cations are predominant at low water contents. Backscattering and time-of-flight methods were combined to investigate motional correlation times in the range between 0.2ps and 2ns. For the water-rich...
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