Three-dimensional cell growth on structures fabricated from ORMOCER® by two-photon polymerization technique

Sabrina Schlie, Anaclet Ngezahayo, Aleksandr Ovsianikov, Tilman Fabian, Hans-Albert Kolb, Heinz Haferkamp & Boris Chichkov
Two-photon polymerization technique was applied to generate three-dimensional (3D) scaffold-like structures using the photosensitive organic-inorganic hybrid polymer ORMOCER®. The structures were studied with respect to potential applications as scaffold for tissue engineering. Cell counting and comet assay, respectively, demonstrated that doubling time and DNA strand breaks of CHO cells, GFSHR-17 granulosa cells, GM-7373 endothelial cells, and SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells were not affected by ORMOCER®. ORMOCER® related alteration of formation of tissue specific cell-to-cell adhesions like...
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