First structural characterization of Pa(iv) in aqueous solution and quantum chemical investigations of the tetravalent actinides up to Bk(IV): the evidence of a curium break

Nidhu Lal Banik, Valerie Vallet, Florent Real, Reda Mohamed Belmecheri, Bernd Schimmelpfennig, Jorg Rothe, Remi Marsac, Patric Lindqvist-Reis, Clemens Walther, Melissa A. Denecke & Christian M. Marquardt
More than a century after its discovery the structure of the Pa(4+) ion in acidic aqueous solution has been investigated for the first time experimentally and by quantum chemistry. The combined results of EXAFS data and quantum chemically optimized structures suggest that the Pa(4+) aqua ion has an average of nine water molecules in its first hydration sphere at a mean Pa-O distance of 2.43 A. The data available for the early tetravalent actinide (An)...
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