Wheat Data Interoperability Guidelines, Ontologies and User Cases

Esther Dzalé Yeumo, Richard Fulss, Michael Alaux, Sophie Aubin, Elizabeth Arnaud, Ute Baumann, Laurel Cooper, Robert Davey, , Pierre Larmande, Thomas Letellier, Cyril Pommier, , Rosemary Shrestha, Imma Subirats, & Alex Whan
The International Wheat Initiative (http://www.wheatinitiative.org) has identified the easy access and interoperability of all wheat related data as a top priority for the wheat research community. An important goal is to make the best use of existing genetic, genomic, and phenotypic data in fundamental and applied wheat science. Hence, data interoperability has become a priority in this community, given the ever-growing data deluge coming from improvements in technologies and numeric methods for DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid)...
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