French Landslide Observatory – OMIV (Temporary data) (MT-campagne) (RESIF - SISMOB)

J.-P. Malet, C. Hibert, Mathilde Radiguet, Stéphanie Gautier, Eric Larose, David Amitrano, Denis Jongmans, Grégory Bièvre &
This seismological network includes several independent sites of gravitational instabilities in France.These sites corresponds to temporary acquisitions, funded by several independent projects, in relation with the French Landslide Observatory – OMIV. OMIV – Observatoire Multi-disciplinaire des Instabilités de Versants) is a service (SNO – Service National d'Observation) of the French Institute for Earth Sciences and Astronomy (INSU) of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). The sites being studied are large and continuously active landslides,...
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