RHUM-RUM experiment, 2011-2015, code YV (Réunion Hotspot and Upper Mantle – Réunion's Unterer Mantel) funded by ANR, DFG, CNRS-INSU, IPEV, TAAF, instrumented by DEPAS, INSU-OBS, AWI and the Universities of Muenster, Bonn, La Réunion

G. Barruol, K. Sigloch, &
RHUM-RUM (Réunion Hotspot and Upper Mantle - Réunions Unterer Mantel) is a French-German passive seismic experiment designed to image an oceanic mantle plume – or lack of plume – from crust to core beneath La Réunion Island, and to understand these results in terms of material, heat flow and plume dynamics. La Réunion hotspot is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, and its hotspot track leads to the Deccan Traps of India,...
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