Selected electron-microprobe analyses of vivianite and santabarbaraite from Lake Baikal

Natalie Fagel, Laurent Alleman, L Granina, F Hatert, Edit Thamo-Boszo, R Cloots & Luc André
Electron-microprobe analyses (Table 5) were completed on a selection of grains from 11 samples, with a CAMECA SX-50 instrument (University of Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium), under an accelerating voltage of 15 kV and a probe current of 20 nA. The standards used were the Kabira graftonite (Fe, Mn, P; Fransolet, 1975), corundum (Al), olivine (Mg), wollastonite (Si), and willemite (Zn).
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