Tab. 2: Geochemical composition of metasomatites and parent rocks from the Polar Urals, supplement to: Udoratina, Oxana V (2001): Alkali-Metasomatites from the Polar Urals. Polarforschung, 69, 143-148

Oxana V Udoratina
Rare-metal alkali (quartz-feldspathic) metasomatites are considered in terms of their geologic position, structure, and composition. Their petrochemical and geochemical characteristics are given. In the Polar Urals, the metasomatites occur as lenticular and tube-like bodies in the fault zones of the Cambrian basement within the Kharbey block. Three types of the metasomatites, dated at ~300 Ma, have been recognised: quartz-bifeldspathic (kvalmites), quarzt-albitic, and albitites. They belong to the formation of quartz-feldspathic metasomatites of the fault zones.
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