Tab. 1: Geochemical analysis and age dating of Kap Washington Group volcanites and related dykes, supplement to: Estrada, Solveig; Höhndorf, Axel; Henjes-Kunst, Friedhelm (2001): Cretaceous/Tertiary volcanism in North Greenland: the Kap Washington Group. Polarforschung, 69, 17-23

Solveig Estrada, Axel Höhndorf & Friedhelm Henjes-Kunst
The bimodal, alkaline volcanic suite of the Kap Washington Group (KWG) at the northern coast of Greenland was investigated during the BGR CASE 2 expedition in 1994. Geochemical and Nd and Sr isotopic data are presented for basalts to rhyolites of the KWG and of related basaltic dykes cutting Lower Paleozoic sediments. In the evd(t) vs. (87Sr/86Sr)t diagram, the KWG basalts and rhyolites follow a common mixing trend with increasing crustal contamination from basic to...
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