(Table 3) Barium barite and excess comparison, accumulation rates and productivity from surface sediments, supplement to: Eagle, Meagan; Paytan, Adina; Arrigo, Kevin R; van Dijken, Gert L; Murray, Richard W (2003): A comparison between excess barium and barite as indicators of carbon export. Paleoceanography, 18(1), 1021

Meagan Eagle, Adina Paytan, Kevin R Arrigo, Gert L van Dijken & Richard W Murray
Since Dymond et al. (1992, doi:10.1029/92PA00181) proposed the paleoproductivity algorithm based on “Bio-Ba”, which relies on a strong correlation between Ba and organic carbon fluxes in sediment traps, this proxy has been applied in many paleoproductivity studies. Barite, the main carrier of particulate barium in the water column and the phase associated with carbon export, has also been suggested as a reliable paleoproductivity proxy in some locations. We demonstrate that Ba(excess) (total barium minus the...
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