Isotope values of fresh snow samples and daily temperature from Neumayer station in the period 1981-2000, supplement to: Schlosser, Elisabeth; Reijmer, Carleen; Oerter, Hans; Graf, Wolfgang (2004): The influence of origin of precipitation on the d18O-T relationship at Neumayer Station, Ekströmisen, Antarctica. Annals of Glaciology, 39, 41-48

Elisabeth Schlosser, Carleen Reijmer, Hans Oerter & Wolfgang Graf
The relationship between d18O and air temperature at Neumayer station, Ekströmisen, Antarctica, was investigated using fresh-snow samples from the time period 1981-2000. A trajectory model that calculated 5 day-backward trajectories was used to study the influence of different synoptic weather situations and thus of different moisture sources on this correlation. Generally a high correlation between air temperature and d18O was found, but the quality of the d18O-T relationship varied with the different trajectory classes. Additionally,...
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