(Table 1) Radionuclides and ESR dating of sediment cores PS1535-10 and PS1535-8, supplement to: Hoffmann, Dirk L; Woda, Clemens; Strobl, Christopher; Mangini, Augusto (2001): ESR-dating of the Arctic sediment core PS1535 dose-response and thermal behaviour of the CO-2-signal in foraminifera. Quaternary Science Reviews, 20(5-9), 1009-1014

Dirk L Hoffmann, Clemens Woda, Christopher Strobl & Augusto Mangini
ESR-spectra of foraminifera in arctic sediment cores display the [CO2]- -signal (g=2.0006). Research on the thermal behaviour of the [CO2]- -signal shows that both natural and artificial irradiation generates a precursor and a thermal unstable component of the [CO2]- -signal. The precursor can be transfered to the stable radical, and unstable radicals can be removed by heating. The signal-change by heating depends on the irradiation dose. Because of the varying response on thermal treatment, the...
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